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November 2023

Astrology AI

Led the design of Astra from concept to implementation

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Introduce LLMs to a new target audience: astrology enthusiasts, providing them with personalized life advice rooted in astrology


Live on the App Store, with 100k+ users, generating revenue through a freemium model


People are drawn to astrology for its whimsical nature and trustworthiness, rooted in historical significance ... everything LLMs aren't known for.

HMW create a visual brand that comes across as whimsical and trustworthy?

When texting friends, conversation often flows effortlessly and equally. However with therapy or life coaching, it's the expert's job to guide the conversation through prompts and probes.

HMW, like a therapist or coach, provide the user with guidance to avoid them feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

Screen Shot 2024-04-03 at 9.05.16 PM.png

The Astra home page allows the user to start a conversation from scratch or choose from a handful of prompts, only displaying 3.5 to avoid overwhelming the user with choice.

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